Mike Myers
Dana Carvey
Tia Carrere
Christopher Walken
Kim Basinger
Larry Sellers
Michael A. Nickles
Drew Barrymore

Stephen Surjik

Time: 95 mins.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Comedy
Coming out on the heels of the highly successful original, there is no way that WAYNE'S WORLD 2 could be anything but inferior. Released a year apart, the filmmaker's didn't give themselves much time to hone and craft a fabulous motion picture. Though what they did throw together isn't half bad. Myers and Carvey make the return visit to Aurora, Illinois just as pleasurable if not as enchanting.

It's a year later and Wayne is now struck with the notion that since he's an adult he has to do something important with his life. No more days spent in the donut shop. It's time for something big. After talking to Jim Morrison in a dream, Wayne decides to put on a huge outdoor concert a la Woodstock. The idea of WayneStock is born. Unfortunately, no one else seems to care, especially the bands he's promised will play. Things with Cassandra also start to go downhill when she starts working on her new album with producer Bobby (Walken), who's designs for Cassandra have nothing to do with her career.

While Wayne is trying to keep Cassandra, Garth is having woman troubles of his own. He finally finds a woman who's interested in him, Honey Horney (Basinger), who makes a man out of him. Honey's seduction of Garth is one of the sexiest and silliest scenes I've ever seen. Honey just oozes sex and Garth doesn't know whether to vomit or get turned on. After a night of passion, Garth learns what she really wants is for him to kill her husband. He races out of there like a bat out of hell.

As the date for WayneStock gets closer and there are still no tickets sold, Wayne consults with Jim Morrison again, this time bringing Garth with him into the dream. Unfortunately, dead rock stars are of little help to the living. The day finally comes, the stage is set, the roadies are ready, yet there's still no bands confirmed. To make matters worse, Cassandra is marrying Bobby. Torn, Wayne leaves Garth in charge of the show and races to rescue the woman he loves. As in WAYNE'S WORLD, all ends well. Wayne gets the girl, people come to the show, Garth finds love and Aerosmith plays WayneStock. Did you expect anything else?

The plot is even thinner in this installment, which doesn't exactly impede the fun, but it doesn't help either. Wayne rescuing Cassandra gets a little old as well. She's never going to succeed in her career if she doesn't get a clue. Carvey is given a lot more to do in this film and he doesn't waste the opportunity. Garth is even funnier once he finds his manhood and is given some responsibility. Basinger and Walken make the most of their roles, being both funny and sinister. Overall, WAYNE'S WORLD 2 is a pretty good film. If it wasn't a sequel, it would have rated better. Unfortunately, it is and it pales compared to the first. At least they didn't make a third and ruin the experience altogether.