Natalie Wood
Warren Beatty
Charles Robinson
Pat Hingle
Audrey Christie
Barbara Loden
Zohra Lampert
Fred Stewart
Joanna Roos
Jan Norris

Elia Kazan

Time: 124 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Romance/Drama

Won Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. Nomination for Best Actress (Wood).
CAPSULE REVIEW –– This is one of those movies that makes me very glad I was born in the latter half of the 20th century. It's a film filled with youthful dreams, painful realities and serious sexual frustration. Wood and Beatty play high school sweethearts in 1928 Kansas. She's the sweetly sexy girl from the poor section of town. He's the football star with the oil-rich family. They generate so much heat together, I kept waiting for them to burst into flames. Unfortunately for Deanie, she's a "good" girl, which means repressing her sexual desires until she gets married. Bud is just as frustrated, but he doesn't have to live up to the same moral code, so he gets himself a little something on the side, breaking Deanie's heart. These restrictions and the pure beauty of Warren Beatty – who I generally don't care for but would have thrown over my reputation to have a piece of – drive Deanie over the edge. I, for one, can't blame her. The second half of the film deals with the aftermath of this obsessive love. The youngsters find their way back to reality, but it's a long, hard road. This is an amazingly acted period piece full of angst and lust that respectfully explores the painful realities and emotional highs of young love. It's pretty over-the-top, but Wood and Beatty are so mesmerizing you won't really care. A well-done melodrama that ends on a positive note, but leaves you in need of a cold shower.