THE LADY EVE (1941) 

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Barbara Stanwyck
Henry Fonda
Charles Coburn
Eugene Pallette
William Demarest
Eric Blore
Melville Cooper
Martha O'Driscoll
Janet Beecher

Preston Sturges



Time: 97 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

SYNOPSIS: The fates of a sexy con artist and a clueless millionaire collide on a cross-Atlantic cruise, where she tries to get at his money and he tries to capture her heart. Neither has an easy time accomplishing their task, almost destroying their chance for true love for good.

BOTTOM LINE: Stanwyck steps up to the plate in this screwball comedy starring unlikely love interest Henry Fonda. This is a solid genre entry with good chemistry between the leads, witty dialogue and fairly funny physical gags. The plot revolves around Stanwyck and Charles Coburn as father/daughter card sharks who attempt to fleece upright scientist millionaire Fonda of part of his family's fortune. Unfortunately, she gets her hand stuck in the cookie jar by falling in love with the sweet-natured heir. Fonda also falls hard (who can blame him?), but calls the whole thing off when he discovers the truth behind her interest in him. Stanwyck, angry and humiliated, spends the rest of the film in a complicated scheme to get back at him and back into his heart. It's not a deep story and at points is utterly unbelievable, yet Stanwyck and Fonda are so wonderful together it doesn't matter. She's smart, ruthless and downright sexy. He's loveable, goofy and irresistible. More romance than comedy, Sturges still manages to include a few manic moments that will make you laugh out loud, usually at Fonda's expense. Despite playing the fool, he keeps his dignity, which is not an easy task in films of this type. A fluffy cinematic treat that shows why Stanwyck and Fonda were two of Hollywood's biggest stars.

"You see Hopsi, you don't know very much about girls. The best ones aren't as good as you think they are and the bad ones aren't as bad. Not nearly as bad."

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