INDISCREET (1958) 

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Ingrid Bergman
Cary Grant
Cecil Parker
Phyllis Calvert
David Kossoff
Megs Jenkins

Stanley Donen



Time: 100 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Romance/Drama/Comedy

SYNOPSIS: A celebrated, yet lonely actress finally meets the man of her dreams – a smart, suave and successful businessman. Their affair goes wonderfully until she catches him in a whopper of a lie and devises several amusing ways of paying his dishonesty back.

BOTTOM LINE: If Katharine Hepburn is the perfect comic foil for Grant, then Bergman is his ultimate romantic partner. There's a sexy, almost forbidden quality to their chemistry that sparks in NOTORIOUS and comes to fruition here. It's almost like picking up the relationship 2 decades later. Both actors are older and wiser, more sure of themselves and their attractiveness to the other sex. INDISCREET is a drawing room comedy, full of witty reparté and forbidden passion. Bergman plays a famous stage actress, who's found success in her career, but never in her love life...until she meets Grant. The attraction is immediate and even the fact that he's married doesn't stop them from loving one another and carrying on a passionate affair.

All seems to be fine until Grant's presence is requested back in America for 6 months. Bergman becomes desperate, refusing to be parted, that is until she discovers his rather large secret. Embarrassment at being played a fool pushes her over the edge. Love turns to anger and payback has never been so amusing...even if the reason she's so upset is more than a bit ridiculous. It's a fine line between romance and adultery and Donen directs it perfectly. Of course, the chemistry between the Bergman and Grant is so alluring you won't care about the right or wrong of it. They are both at the height of their cinematic powers and there's no way anyone could resist their charms. A funny, lovely, adult romance that leaves you with a smile.

"How dare he make love to me and not be a married man!"

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