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Lauren Bacall
Marilyn Monroe
Betty Grable
David Wayne
Rory Calhoun
Cameron Mitchell
Alexander D'Arcy
Fred Clark
William Powell

Jean Negulesco



Time: 95 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Academy Award nomination for Best Costume Design.

SYNOPSIS: They're three beautiful models, looking for the man and the money of their dreams! Almost broke, they pool their funds to rent a posh Manhattan penthouse in which they plan to lure their victims. But the gold digger's plans suddenly go awry when two of them fall for men who appear to be poor!

BOTTOM LINE: A film that should be in vogue again with all the TV shows about the same aspirations currently flooding the airways. Unlike their 21st century counterparts, the three leading ladies of this fluff piece – Bacall, Monroe and Grable – are honest to the core about their motivations. Sure, if they can find love and money with the same man, that would be swell. However, they believe they deserve the best in life and Bacall is going to make sure they each find a man who'll give it to them. Grable and Monroe have a hard time being as cold-hearted about romance as Bacall, each becoming entangled with men who can barely pick up the check. Bacall sets her sights on J.D. Hanley (Powell), a wealthy, older Texas gentleman, whom she cares for very much, but loses her heart to Tom Brookman (Mitchell), a supposedly poor gas station flunky. Lest we come to believe that the gals are truly just gold diggers, the film makes sure they all end up marrying for love, not cash. If the plot weren't played up for laughs, this would be nothing more than a 50-year-old prequel to "Joe Millionaire." As it stands, the ladies bring their considerable talents to the table, turning this mindless and slightly unsavory topic into a mildly entertaining romantic comedy. Certainly not one of the best Monroe or Bacall efforts, but still one to see if you're a fan.

"Most women use more brains picking a horse in the third at Belmont than they do picking a husband."

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