Susan Lynch
Rachel Weisz
Iain Glen
Tom Mannion
Maurice Roeves
Alex Norton
Jake D'Arcy
Ron Donachie
Stewart Preston

Bill Eagles



Time: 86 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Thriller/Caper/Buddies

SYNOPSIS: One stormy Glasgow night Dorothy and Petula's lives are inextricably thrown together. When they accidently commit murder, they try to cover it up, but don't do a good job and are forced to run for their lives.

BOTTOM LINE: A quirky, blood-filled, chick flick that tries so hard to be hip and slick it forgets to tell a coherent story. It's their horrible taste in men that brings Petula (Weisz) and Dorothy (Lynch) together. They are both in relationships with violent wankers who spare no thought in kicking the crap out of them. Dorothy happens upon one of the occasions Brian (Mannion) is taking his anger out on Petula. It turns out the whack he takes to the head puts him down for the count permanently.

Instead of doing the sensible thing and call the police, they decide to get a little payment for their suffering. They hatch a kidnapping scheme to get some cool cash from Brian's bastard of an older brother. Things go horribly wrong from there. All the men in their lives seem bent on two things: bedding Petula and making easy money. They don't care who gets hurt on the way to accomplishing either of these goals.

With only each other to rely on, these two incompetent criminals somehow manage to be the only ones left standing. The way they get out of trouble is ridiculous in the extreme, but they are so charming, despite terrible judgement, that you want them to escape to a better life – one with a much higher class of man. Weisz and Lynch are perfectly cast, fleshing out characters that had one-dimensional written all over them. They share an honest rapport that makes this shallow pic more entertaining than it should be.

"Always make sure your vehicle is in neutral before you start your engine, Petula. Or I will punch your fucking lights out."

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