William Powell
Myrna Loy
Virginia Grey
Otto Kruger
C. Aubrey Smith
Ruth Hussey
Nat Pendleton
Patric Knowles
Tom Neal
Sheldon Leonard

W.S. Van Dyke



Time: 103 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Mystery/Comedy/Crime

SYNOPSIS: An explosives manufacturer suspects a young man is out to kill him. He calls in Nick and Nora (with their new toddler in tow) to sort things out.

BOTTOM LINE: Powell and Loy reteam as Nick and Nora Charles in this third installment of the THIN MAN series, bringing back to the screen their energy, wit and obvious sexual chemistry. We meet up with our favorite couple as they return to New York with a new addition to the detective trio – their 1-year-old son Nicky Jr. Not that the baby will be much help with their latest case, but his presence breeds many priceless comic moments, as well as proves how much Nick and Nora love one another, despite their flirtatious natures.

Their help is required by an old family friend, Colonel MacFay (Smith), who's life is being threatened by an ex-employee Phil Church (Leonard) with a huge grudge. The colonel is surrounded by the usual group of motley characters: his loving daughter (Grey), her unwelcome fiancé (Knowles), his faithful assistant (Neal) and witless housekeeper (Gordon). Once the Colonel winds up dead, even Nick and Nora are under suspicion. All fingers point to Church and his henchman Dum-Dum, but as always when it comes to Nick's cases, there's more to this mystery than meets the eye.

It's a convoluted confection that keeps everyone guessing, except for Nick, who sees more clearly at the end of a bottle. While not as light and frothy as the first two films - the presence of a baby is not exactly conducive to constant drinking - this is a well-conceived mystery thriller that gives you something to think about between the one-liners. Powell seems to be doing more detecting than drinking here, which gives the film more depth, but takes away from the fun. He and Loy still sparkle with wit and charm, they've just had to settle down a bit. If you liked their previous pairings, this flick will satisfy.

"I saw a great group of men standing around a table. I knew there was only one woman in the world who could attract men like that. A woman with a lot of money."

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